Picture Keeper 32gb for Android



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Holds an average of 16,000 photos. Backup your photo in three easy steps: 1. Plug Picture Keeper into your smartphone, tablet, or computer. 2. Launch the included Picture Keeper app. 3. Click “start backup.” The first time you launch Picture Keeper the device saves all photos, videos, and contacts on your phone. After that, only new files save during backups. If you fill up one Picture Keeper, the next one seamlessly picks up where the last one left off! Backup photos, videos, and contacts, transfer cherished memories to new devices, store files in a small, easily stored compact USB drive, share memories with family members without lengthy download times, backup files without the need for an internet connection, keep your mobile and computer photos in one secure location with the Picture Keeper, free up space on your old device, and never worry about that “out of storage” message again. They’re your memories—protect them. Mobile Requirements: iPhone 5 and Newer (iOS 6+) and Android OTG (Android 3.1+). Computer Requirements: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, MAC OS 10.5 (and newer) computers.